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Vikings and Tea

Sorry this is a bit late.  The second day I was here, Saturday, I was so jet lagged I felt sick all day and barely did anything.  I made the apparently unfortunate decision to try and nap and that resulted in being completely off a normal sleep schedule Sunday.  I woke up at 5 a.m. and couldn’t fall back asleep. So Sunday we set out to walk and walk and walk until I could hardly stand in the hopes of tiring myself out enough to sleep properly.  Needless to say, I wasn’t really in the right mental state to write.

Sunday we set out to walk from our hotel to the wonderfully cheesy exhibit of Dublinia.


It was full of badly painted, yet still oddly cadaver-like statues along with the required actual lone human among 100 dummies, just incase all those old world factoids were putting you into museum daze.  There was flickering ghoulish lighting for the barber surgeons stall, a TB cough on loop for the plague section and a pooping Viking in case you were worried about the kids not getting anything out of that boring history stuff.  It was cute; it was fun; and it had a rather informative section on excavation, preservation, and the lack there of in certain parts of Dublin.

And let’s not forget the ever off putting human face tv display:

DSC_0072It also connected to Christ Church Cathedral which was the first old fancy church I went inside on this trip, and consequently the first I was thrown out of.  I walked by plenty of people on my way in they could have told me it was closed to visitors. : (  DSC_0105However, as with most city wanderings, the best part was definitely the unplanned discoveries.  We took a pit stop at St Patrick’s Cathedral and green to * ahem ahem* find out in what way specifically the map was wrongly drawn.  We didn’t go inside the Cathedral but the green was gorgeous and full of people just enjoying the day.DSC_0032DSC_0034But he best stop of the day for me was the gorgeous, and delicious tea shop we came across just in time for snack.DSC_0009They had a staggering assortment of teas. Proclaiming 300 verities and to be honest I believe them.  They had whimsical mix of apothecary and mad hatter tea party.  It was everything you imagine a Tea Shop to be.DSC_3900DSC_3916DSC_3885There was more tea on the other side of the shop, but I figured there were only so many pictured of this shop I could get away with in one blog.DSC_3886