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Drawings and Paintings


I’m a Time Travler!

Well not really but I did get on a plane at 9pm fly for six hours and when we got off the plane it was 7:30 am! So thats almost like traveling to the future! It’s certainly as close as I’ll ever get.

First, while we were in line to go through security I saw one of the coolest signs I’ve ever seen:


It was a glass cut out that they projected onto so that it looked and felt like a hologram!

Then we had an actually pretty yummy dinner at the airport. They had some sort of wine tapas place, and there was yummy ham a cheese sandwiches. The plane ride wasn’t so bad, but mostly because it was short. The seats were small and uncomfortable. They did have good inflight movies, the Hobbit and Rise of The Guardians.

Sunrise at the edge of the world.

Sunrise at the edge of the world

Eventually, with about two hours of sleep we found ourselves at the check-in at the hotel where the clock behind the desk helpfully told us it was 10:15. In the morning. It certainly didn’t feel like it.

Our hotel room wasn’t ready and wasn’t going to be ready for a long time, so we took a bus tour. It’s a style of bus tour called Hop on Hop off where you can get on and off anywhere you want all over the city. We never got off, we just went around in a circle listening to the spiel.

I honestly dont remember what they said about most of these buildings


I have no idea what building this is but I thought the decoration was awesome


These windows reminded me of a friend of mine and her strong liking of pretty leaf patterns.

These windows reminded me of a friend of mine and her strong liking of pretty leaf patterns.


I think this is likely a bathroom or something but i thought the glass treatment was pretty





Part of the Guinness warehouse

Part if the Guinness Warehouse

Irelands Presidential residence

Irelands Presidential Residence

I believe this used to be a military hospital.... I think? it's not anymore... I have no idea what it is but it's pretty

I believe this used to be a military hospital…. I think? it’s not anymore… I have no idea what it is but it’s pretty

There was lots and lots of cool stuff on the tour. But I was already pushing 24 hours awake if you don’t count the questionable, in quantity and quality, two hours of sleep I got on the plane.  So honestly, I dont remember much of it. In fact the thing I remember the strongest was the seats kept leaking all over me, and it was wet.

Oh, and there were lots of  churches.



By the time the tour was over our rooms still weren’t ready.  We went to lunch and eventually around 4 the rooms were ready. We regrouped around 5:30 and went to dinner. We went to this really good french restaurant. I’m thinking I’ll make a separate food post another day but until then I will post the pretty interior of the restaurant.



Thats all for now.  This has not been the most coherent of posts but I think I’m still a bit jet lagged.  I’m gonna go watch some Sponge Bob in Gaelic for a while.