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Drawings and Paintings


At the Gardens

We went to Dublin Botanical Gardens. We successfully managed to get on and off the right buses today ! (yay!) The Botanical Gardens was something that I came across in my hours of research. While I love flowers and landscaped gardens, I really wanted to go here because I though my Dad would enjoy it the most. But like all plans we make and are excited about, especially those we make for others, I was super nervous that the gardens would not be all that I was hoping they would be. At the very least, their website gave the impression of a small run down affair.


This impression could not have been further form the truth.  It felt like something somewhere between and English tea garden and Versailles. They had these huge antique wrote iron green houses that held all manner of plants.




Outside there were specialized gardens for different types of flowers. They even had a whole section for peonies ( my favorite!).

DSC_0260Beyond the flowers were plots dedicated to different types of trees.  We didn’t make it out that far, the place was huge, but it looked awesome! Like you could travel from forest to forest.


DSC_0132DSC_0173DSC_0133 DSC_0254 DSC_0169 DSC_0207

I am utterly convinced fairies live here!

We eventually called it quits and set off back towards home.  We wandered a bit checking out potential shops we promised ourselves to attempt when out feet weren’t screaming.  We did find boba tea before was gave up Yum!